Sunday, November 30, 2008

Friendly Rivalry

After 6 long years Bama finally beat Auburn!! This Saturday, number 1 ranked Bama beat Auburn 36-0!! For those who don't know, Auburn is Alabama's biggest rivalry. Well, a neighbor of mine happens to be an Auburn fan which has made walking out my front door every year very entertaining.

It all started 3 years ago. The morning after Auburn beat Bama I walked outside and found a stuffed tiger on my car (Auburn's Mascot). I had no idea who did for a few weeks and then my sweet, quiet, petite neighbor Amy, fessed up. I was in shock and very impressed. The following year I walked out to a driveway covered in chalk art, Auburn's symbol, for all to see. And last year, an Auburn shirt hanging from a tree in my front yard.

Well, this year was my year! Undefeated Alabama beat the crap out of Auburn! After the game, around midnight, I dressed the tiger in the Auburn shirt and headed down to my neighbors. I love friendly rivalry!

P.S. I truly felt bad for the tiger :-(


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

When Will I Sleep??

Well, we found out today that we are having TWINS!!!! I still don't even believe I am pregnant and now I find out it's twins!!! This is insane!! So many thoughts are going through my head! Do they share the same room? Will they sleep at the same time? Will we ever sleep?


Monday, November 17, 2008

Pampered Chef and Pampered Amy

Saturday night I went to my friend Maria's house for a Pampered Chef party and had a blast!! Me, Jill, Maria and Gretchen all used to work together at Kodak and we used to have a girls night once a month. Well, due to kids and jobs the girls night has dwindled down to Jill and I every month with Maria being able to make it every now and then. So, it was so much fun to all be together again. I sat next to Jill on the couch and giggled during the entire presentation (sorry P.C. Rep.) We reminisced about our Kodak days which were GREAT! We have so many fun memories of our National meetings, flying together, staying together at hotels...I miss those girly days!

In addition to hanging with the girls, eating good food and buying kitchen stuff I was also Pampered by my friends :-) They bought me some congratulatory baby gifts which truly touched me. Gretchen bought me her favorite kids book 'Goodnight Moon', Jill got me a Williams Sonoma Kids Baking Cookbook (I LOVE cookbooks) along with a set of funny note cards, and Maria got me something for Joe and I :-) She got us a Penthouse board game, a sexy red outfit and........a little piece of clothing for Joe to wear that matches my outfit! I seriously lost my shit when I pulled it out of the is HILARIOUS!!! And I am sooo going to make him wear it! Thanks girls for a great night!

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Well, it's been a fun week of gift getting :-) Considering I thought I would never get pregnant, it is pretty amazing to be given a baby unbelievable! The first was an outfit that I bought for myself (for baby) like I said I would. After crying for half the day after the good news, Joe and I went and had lunch where we kinda just sat in shock and happiness and then I raced over to Kohl's and bought one gender neutral outfit. That night my mom and dad came over with treats for the dogs and a treat for baby. My mom got me 2 of the cutest outfits!!! Of course they have animals on them because my kid will be surrounded by pets!! The next day my friend Karen invited me over and gave me a set of baby animal books, a rattle and told me she was pregnant!!!! And, last but not least....Joe surprised me with diamond earrings tonight!!!! They are beautiful!! How freakin' sweet is he?? He said I deserved them for everything I had gone through to get pregnant :-) Thanks Joe...I love you!

My awesome earrings!!!

The outfits my mommy bought me...they're sooo cute!!

The cutest set of books and a rattle that my friend Karen got for us!

The outfit I bought the day I found out I was pregnant!!

So Far So Good

I still can't believe I am doesn't seem real. I went to the Dr. today for a second blood test and my hormone level more than doubled to 660..just what it was supposed to do :-) I go next week for my first ultrasound and will know for sure how many babies there are! This is freakin wild...totally unreal!! And on top of all this of my very close friends just told me she is pregnant too...she is 3 weeks ahead of me! Congrats Karen!!!!!


Monday, November 10, 2008


I AM PREGNANT!!!!!! This can't be real. Never , ever, ever did I think I would hear those words!!! 6 years and I have never had a positive test!! There is hope for EVERYONE with infertility!!!! This is freakin crazy!!!!! The Dr. said that my number was pretty high (309) so it may be twins!!! I don't even know how to process this all!!! I am so going to Target and buying baby shit for us...not for someone's baby shower :-)


Saturday, November 8, 2008

Yea...another swap!!! Fun!! I can't wait for this. Every Christmas my mom and Aunt would make their cookies and then send some to each other. I remember being so excited when UPS came and dropped off a huge box from Florida...I knew it was full of presents and cookies! Now, I get to enjoy that excitement again!!! Thanks Monogramchick for having the swap!


Okay...this is torture!!! Every other day I am convinced I am not pregnant. I will have a headache or feel some cramping and want to curl up in a ball and cry...with a candy bar. It is now Saturday...1 week of waiting, 2 more days to go. Monday morning I go in for the blood test and should know a few hours from then. If it's positive, I am going to Target and buying a shit load of gender neutral baby items....if it's negative I am going to stay in bed all day and think of all the things I can eat and buy that will make me feel better. Then I will decide that from there on out I will go to the gym and eat healthy...then I will decide that I will start that plan the next day....then I will cry.

I will have a small distraction today...Joe and I are going to hang at my best friends house to watch Bama kick the shit out of LSU!!! We are going to eat chicken tenders from a place called Cane's, which I have been told is very similar to the delicious Guthrie's in Tuscaloosa...yummy!!! Then, I may go to a Texan's game tomorrow...doubt it though, may just let the hubby take his friends instead. will be Monday!


Thursday, November 6, 2008

My First Swap

FUN!!! My friend Jill has done a few of these swaps and they seem like so much fun!! I do LOVE presents...what a fun surprise to come home to! Thanks ClemsonGirl for setting it up!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Still Proud To Be An American

Although I am not happy with the outcome of this election I can say with all my heart I AM PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN. I am not "finally" proud, or "since the win" proud, or "for the first time in my adult life" proud...I am always proud to be an American.

I have a real problem with people who only support their country and show patriotism when their favorite candidate has been elected.....I have seen ALOT of this and it's just sad.

With that said, watching history in the making is pretty amazing. God Bless America!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Damn this wait I felt a little negative. This waiting game SUCKS!!! I freaked a little today. Usually before my period I sweat alot in my sleep...well, I woke up all sweaty and got all negative. However, I have been sweating since before the transfer so maybe it's something to do with all the shots/patches?? Of course I called the Dr....she reassured me that my body doesn't know if it is pregnant or not because of all of the meds and I am probably reacting to the progesterone...but I am still freaked. Should I feel different, should I just know??? Aahhhhhh!!!

On a more positive note...thank you to my blog commenter's.....I truly appreciate your thoughts and support....truly!!


Sunday, November 2, 2008

Now We Wait

It's done. We went to the Dr. on Saturday morning for the embryo transfer! Of course it did not go smoothly, which I expected from the trial of transfer. There was some trouble getting to my uterus so it took longer than normal. They had to basically put a needle and thread through my cervix and lift my cervix by pulling on the thread which was hanging out of my weird! After some pain from both the procedure and my FULL BLADDER, it was done...there were officially 2 embryos in my body. I even got a picture of of which is already hatching :-) And, to my absolute utter surprise....we have 2 embryos that we can freeze!!! This is a very big deal....only 20% of patients have any left to freeze!

I have spent the last 2 days laying around sleeping and watching tv while Joe has been cooking, cleaning and shopping...what a deal :-) He brought me home a treat of Cheetos's, 100 cal. cakes and scratch off' sweet! Unfortunately, I am supposed to be eating low carb/high protein so I can only have a few treats!

Thank you to my friends and family for their calls, emails, comments and visits!

Joe and I before we left for the transfer

Me and the miracle workers... Dr. Roach and Jana

Joe with of the sweetest, most comforting women I have ever met

The results :-)

Me relaxing with a little love from my nieces and nephews