Friday, February 20, 2009 to follow. kind people who left me a comment have encouraged me to start blogging again! I try to always have pictures with my posts but the scanner is down so they will be 'coming soon'.

Update on's 2 BOYS!!! We found out 2 weeks ago (16 wks prego at the time) when we went for an ultrasound with a perinatal specialist. It was one of the the most surreal moments in this whole experience. Even though I am definitely showing, hear the heartbeats and see them on ultrasound, it is still hard to grasp the reality of it all. I still can't believe it happened!! Seriously, sometimes I don't believe it.

So, when the Dr. quietly said "Baby A looks like a boy" I was totally in awe. It all became more real, now they were becoming more real to me. I looked at Joe with the biggest grin and of course he had one to match! Then the Dr. said "Baby B is a boy"..what, 2 boys?! So cool!!! We had hoped for 1 of each but said if it was going to be 2 of the same sex we would prefer 2, close enough!

We walked out of that room feeling more like parents. No longer are we saying the's now the boys! Little boys bringing home bugs, playing sports, getting dirty...we can't wait!! Now I am anxiously waiting to feel them. I am huge and Baby B is in constant motion on the ultrasound but I am not sure I have felt them yet. I felt a little "bump" last night...maybe that was one of my boys!!


Monday, February 9, 2009


Does anybody follow my blog? I have slacked off on the post's and use the excuse of "no one reads it" (poor me..haha) to justify my lack of posting. I suppose I have alot to talk about considering I am FINALLY pregnant and am experiencing so many new things! Okay...I just talked myself into it. I will update my blog