Friday, October 31, 2008

The Day is Near

Well...tomorrow is my embryo 9:30 am. I just got a cold, worst timing possible. My head hurts, I can't breath, I am terrified, mystified and excited. It's actually happening...I made it through all the shots, patches, pills, failed IUI's, etc. and now have 5 eggs sitting in an office 30 minutes from my house, waiting to be transferred into my body. I have not full on sobbed because of infertility in a long time but the other day I lost my shit at the thought of having babies forming in a lab. It's the closest I have ever been to having a baby....I have no idea if an egg has ever fertilized my body! So, it hit me like a ton of bricks....I kinda have a baby...not really...well, kinda.


Tuesday, October 28, 2008


The Dr. called today and said that 9 eggs had been retrieved...8 of them were mature and 6 of them fertilized. She says that is good.....I hope so! I just need 2 to make it to Saturday!! I am a bundled of confusion and nerves...not to mention I am bloated like I am carrying triplets and the glucofage and slew of other meds are doing a number on my intestines...good times! One highlight...the Progesterone in Oil shots, which are administered in the ass with a large needle, do not hurt!


Monday, October 27, 2008

I have laid my eggs

Today was my egg retrieval. I was a little nervous last night, but the prescribed valium helped calm my nerves. I awoke at 6 am (this never happens), threw on some sweats, grabbed the muffins that I bought for the office that would be sticking a needle into my crotch and headed to the Dr. with Joe by my side.

I love everyone at the office and the anesthesiologist was just as warm and comforting. After a few pokes with the IV needle (damn my veins), I started to feel loopy and next thing I knew I was awake and everything was done! 10 eggs were retrieved, which is apparently above average, and now I wait for the update on their progress tomorrow. The scheduled transfer is Saturday the 1st.


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Damn, it's been awhile

Wow, I had writers block for about a month....that was weird. Every time I sat down to blog I couldn't come up with anything worth writing about. I have definitely had an event filled hiatus, so you would think I could have come up with something! I know a few people who follow my blog (thanks mom and Jill...heehee) and I am sorry to them for taking away some of their daily reading...other than that, I don't know if anyone really reads my, it was easy to slack off. On that note...thank you to the anonymous writer who asked about my fertility progress!

Fertility shots will begin again on's been 2 months since the failed IVF/IUI attempt and I didn't do ANYTHING I said I was going to do in that time. No acupuncture, no exercise, no diet...I suck!!! I think it was a relief to not have treatments on my mind so I just chilled out and enjoyed myself...whoops. This round of meds will be different in hopes of them actually working this hopes of having more than 1 mature egg. The weird thing about all the timing is that 6 years ago on Halloween was when I was first disappointed with no pregnancy. I remember I thought for sure the first time we tried I would get pregnant, I was so excited about the holidays and possibly being a mom and then I started my period on Halloween!!! I cried.....if only I had known not to waste those tears, there would be many more to come. So, it looks like the egg retrieval will be a week before Halloween...weird.

Since I am all about pictures, I will post a few (alot) highlighting my life since the last post.

Aunt Mary and Uncle Ross visit...I LOVE them!

My hilarious friend Melissa came to visit!!

Trying out a new restaurant with friends

Saw Tom Petty was concert I think I have ever seen!!!!

Housewarming Party at Danny's where I got the cutest kiss're so cute Peyton!!

Joe and cutie Olivia...Joe's so hot!

I had a few drinks :-)

Went swimming at Karen and Jim's on Labor day

Made it through hurricane Ike...this was the sky as it rolled in

Fell in love with this baby at the hurricane party

Hurricanes make people act silly

Joe did the worm

The next day

Spent lots of time with family at our house...we were the first to get our power back :-)

Celebrated my bro's bday

Celebrated my niece's 2nd bday!

Celebrated Karen's bday....lot's of bday's!!

Watched Alabama win their 6th game in a row...ROLL TIDE!!!