Monday, June 29, 2009


Okay...this is going to be short. First, I want to thank you all for your comments on my last post...Thanks for all the nice words!! Second, I AM EXHAUSTED!!! Oh my gosh...I had no idea how upside down my world was going to be. We are so tired, I cry all the time, my house feels like a strange place...but I love those baby boys!!! I can't stop staring at them in amazement...I want to smother them in kisses. But, again, I am sooo tired!! When is life going to seem normal again??

Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Boy's Are Here!!!

Well, they came 5 weeks early but they are here and healthy!!! Last Saturday I went to the hospital to drop off a urine sample (Dr. was having some concerns about pre-eclampsia) and to get monitored and all of a sudden I am being told that the boys will be delivered in a few hours!! The whole day is a blur now...I was terrified! We were so not prepared to hear that...we were a wreck about how early it was. And I was a wreck about having a c-section.

The whole thing took about 40 minutes.....when that first baby came out crying the tears flowed uncontrollably. I was so relieved that their lungs were working and hearing them cry hit me like a ton of bricks...they are real and they are mine!!

I stayed at the hospital for 5 days and the boys were in the NICU the whole time which broke my heart. They had feeding tubes put in after 2 days because they were not eating enough...I sobbed. I had no idea I could love something so fast! We went down several times a day to hold and feed them which is not easy after having your stomach sliced open!!! But it was worth it!!

Family and friends came by everyday to visit and see the boys which helped take my mind off the fact that I was sitting in a hospital bed without my boys next to was really hard. Joe was awesome!! He took such good care of me and made about 100 trips to the NICU a day!!!

We left the hospital Wednesday and the boys had to stay for more observation...they were already eating better and had the tubes out but the Dr's wanted to make sure they stayed that way. Well, we brought them home yesterday and are in heaven....scared out of our minds...but in heaven!!!