Friday, July 18, 2008

Our Infertilty Get Away!

Ah! We just got back from 5 days in Biloxi....we had a great time! Although we did not walk away big winners...we did walk away even, after 5 days of gambling! We stayed at the Beau Rivage, which was hit by Katrina and closed for a year for repairs...but most people would not know that since apparently only New Orleans deserved media coverage of the disaster!!!!! Needless to say, most residents of the Mississippi Gulf Coast feel slighted...that area was destroyed! Old antebellum homes, historic sights, casinos, the beaches, piers...everything was destroyed or damaged.

The hotel is beautiful! The beach...not so much. There are barrier islands off of the coast which leave the water looking a little murky, like our lovely Galveston beaches. If we had driven about and hour further it would have been completely different in the Alabama Gulf Shores. But, I still got to walk in sand and smell the ocean. We had a view of the pool and ocean and luckily only one storm blew in on our first day....the rest of the trip was sunny and gorgeous. You would think it would be as hot as Houston but it wasn't. The days were hot but not humid and the nights were very comfortable.

The food was AMAZING at Beau Rivage. Seriously, everything we ate was wonderful. Luckily, due to our constant gambling, we were given alot of comp cards for free meals. There was a buffet that was packed full of homemade Southern food, crab legs, pasta station, homemade was so good. Needless to say, the low carb diet did not exist. I couldn't control myself....I would sit down at the table after a trip to the buffet and everything on my plate was a carb. I gained 5 pounds :-( I also had a bit of a reaction to the 3 pills of Glucofage/Metformin that I have to take every night. High carbs and Metformin do not go together. Let's just say it's hard to have a romantic vacation when your body is full of gas 24/ SUCKED! Thank God I have no shame and Joe and I hide nothing from each other!

The shots went smoothly...Joe gave them to me every morning, bless his heart. Other than some headaches, all was well with the Lupron. Oddly though, I look very tired and puffy in all of the pictures...I don't know if the meds have anything to do with that. I know one side effect is lack of energy.....but seriously, I look like I have haven't slept in days or like I had been crying for 3 days. So, I am not very fond of the photos but what can ya do! I'm sure the daiquiri's and ice cream didn't help.

One side note on the trip: I met a 71 year old man in the pool. He was at the resort with his MISTRESS!!! He has money, likes to travel, his wife doesn't like to go anywhere, so he has a few girlfriends. I couldn't believe it! And I couldn't help but like him. I have a thing for old people, especially old men and he was so sweet and cute!! I just wish he wasn't a player :-)

So, we are back home. I had a Dr.'s appt. this a.m. I have to up my dose of Lupron to 2 shots a day and start adding 2 more shots of another med and some patches...sounds like next week is going to be a joy!

Joe and I on our first day of much needed vacation!

View from our room on a cloudy day

Joe and I about to eat the most expensive and delicious meal we have ever had

Me and 1 of my 2 allowed alcoholic beverages per week

Joe eating a clam...nasty!

The most delicious homemade ice cream

Joe and I taking the do it yourself photo in front of the Mississippi Sound

Sound asleep

Entrance to the Casino...that's as far in as we were allowed take photo's

The start of the sunburned nose and body. Those were the best daquiris I have ever had...although all but 1 was a virgin.

Our last night..we are sad to leave but ready to get home to our animals!



Blogger Jill said...

Fun Vacay! I don't think you look tired in the pics. They're all good. I like the last picture of you... you are wearing something different. :)

AMEN about New Orleans getting ALL the media coverage after Katrina. Many areas were hit and many people lost everything, not just NOLA.

July 19, 2008 at 11:29 AM  
Blogger Maria said...

Hmmm, I don't know if it's my computer or what, but I can't see your writing. :( It's too close in shade to your background.

But the pictures look fabulous. What a wonderful trip. You and your husband are a beautiful couple.

PS- I'm glad my advice helped!!

July 19, 2008 at 5:58 PM  

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