Friday, June 20, 2008

Not a Fun Day

Today I went to the Dr. for my Trial of Transfer appointment. Basically, it's a trial run on inserting embryo's into my cervix. Well, a procedure that should have taken 10 minutes took almost 40! In addition to having a required full bladder for over an hour, I was in an extremely uncomfortable situation because the Dr. could not penetrate my cervix! She was very frustrated, I was sweating and dying from a full bladder and other pain associated with the procedure when she (the Dr.) says "I'm sorry but I have to do something very painful to you". What???? She clamped my cervix with some sort of tool and pulled it!!!! Oh my God!!! Finally, they give up and let me go to the bathroom. It was the best bathroom break I have ever had. I go back to the room and everyone is gone. The nurse comes back in and says that I may have to have surgery, something is blocking my cervix. I start to say something and then the tears started. I was shaken by the fact that the Dr. was so frustrated, I was in pain and everyone was so serious. We all sat back, talked about our animals, the nurse hugged me (bless her heart she is so was the warmest hug), handed me wads of tissues and we all prepared to try again.I stared at the ceiling, not talking, trying to zone myself out. FINALLY! I heard the Dr. say "Got it!!!" But she had to do it one more time to make sure...second time worked! The problem is that the path to my cervix is like a winding road instead of a straight road. The tool used to deliver the embryo's is a straight, she had to maneuver it around each bend. I asked if this had anything to do with problems conceiving and she said it did not.

Now, I see the reason behind the Trial of Transfer. The Dr. knows what she is dealing with and how to work around the problem for the big day! I asked the Dr. afterwards if I was being wussy or if my upset was warranted. She said it was "Very rough what you went through" and that on the actual transfer day I will be given Valium to help with the pain and to help me relax. Gee, sure could have used that today!!!!

So, after working for 4 more hours afterwards, I was thrilled to get home so I could relax. Well, my sensitive hubby had flowers sitting in the kitchen for me when I got home. I was/am very touched....and impressed :-) That made me smile!



Blogger Jill said...


I'm so sorry you had such a bad day. The pain sounds terrible but I'm SO glad you don't have to have surgery!

Joe is such a sweetheart! Love him.

Tomorrow is girly fun day!

June 20, 2008 at 8:38 PM  
Blogger Traci Anne said...

OMG. They PULLED ON YOUR CERVIX!?! Wow. You're a trooper!!

July 11, 2008 at 11:29 AM  

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