Thursday, June 19, 2008

Toy Party

Okay, so this was not your average toy party. For those EASILY offended, do not read on. I have omitted MANY pictures that may be considered lewd, inappropriate or offensive, which is so not my nature!

Last weekend I hosted a 'Pure Romance' party at my house. My sis-in-law was having the party but we did it at my house. It's a party...kinda like Tupperware or Pampered Chef...except it's SEX TOYS!!!! Some of it is silly, some useful and some just out there! It was definitely mother-in-law was present, there were games and was fun. When you consider all of the sexually based entertainment that is out there for men, it was nice to have something for women. It would have been better if a bunch of hot naked guys were standing around but I'll take what I can get!

Alot of women are too shy or embarrassed to go into any type of adult store and buy things to make their sex life more enjoyable (myself not included) so this is a more private way for someone to check out what's out there and make a private purchase. All ordering was done in another room with the door closed for privacy...too bad we all came out and dumped our bags to show what we bought :-)

Nikki, me and Patricia

Amazing that this sign has to be displayed for legal reasons!!!

Just some light reading

Christine being spanked with a whip


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